The MPA Academy

Welcome to MPA!

Many of you visiting this site have a good camera and the interest to enjoy its potential much more. You probably have a desire to learn to take great photographs, but just do not understand how all of it works. We will show you all the basics to creating good images.

McKay Photography Academy has been created to give you the opportunity to learn Digital Photography in fun easy to understand concepts! You will learn from two of the world’s finest photographers and accomplished photography educators, David and Ally McKay.

Offering many varieties of classes such as Mastering your Camera, Mastering Composition, Travel Photography and Photo editing courses, we have a course just right for whatever level you are at! Be sure to purchase as many vouchers from Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local or Perks as you like as you can use for a variety of classes!  New classes are being added all the time as well. More advanced classes and a printing class will be listed on the schedule soon! Click here to see a description of each course offered as well as a class FAQ page.

After you learn the basics, you will be equipped to advance to higher levels.  If you are looking to experience Photography, Travel, friendship and Adventure, you want to check out our Photography Tours .  MPA tours take place all over the world!  Tours are limited in people and give you hands on experience always offering a minimum of 1 instructor per 5 participants.  These trips are set up so you learn photography, see some incredible locations, meet all kinds of new friends and have adventures of a lifetime!  Our Portrait Academy features the exciting fields of portrait and wedding photography.

Our desire is to help you enjoy photography to the fullest. The wonderful process of creating images is amazingly rewarding. Whether you love taking pictures of nature or people, cars or planes, children or animals, our seminars and photo safaris are just for you!

We invite you to experience the joy of creating images with confidence and share in our passion of photography. Please don’t take just our word for it, be sure to visit our Student Spotlight page and see what some of our clients have to say.  You will see work they are creating and hear what they have to say themselves about MPA.  Remember, these are all people that started as beginners and have come this far in a short time.

If you have recently purchased a voucher from Groupon, Living Social, Amazon or Perks, please go here to the course schedule page to choose the course you want to attend.

Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to seeing you soon!

David and Ally McKay