Beginning Photoshop 1

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This event is running from 1 March 2017 until 13 June 2019. It is next occurring on June 13, 2019 6:00 pm

This entry level Photoshop course is taught by David McKay.  Many photographers want to learn this powerful software but upon opening it, feel completely overwhelmed. In this beginning course, David will show you the various tools and basics to get you started.  Maybe you are a Lightroom user and are ready for Photoshop? Maybe you prefer to just work in Photoshop? Maybe you have no idea about either software and where to start?

With the power of Adobe products these days, at such reasonable prices, there are a lot of options.  This course will help you understand some of the basics with Photoshop so you can decide what software is right for you.  In fact, MANY people use Lightroom to start working on their images and organize, then transfer to working in Photoshop for more control. The suggestion is to take this course and decide what is right for you based on what you want to produce with your photography.

Learn how to take your images from this before to after in less than 5 minutes! YES, you CAN do this and so MUCH MORE after this course!

But I don’t own Photoshop. No problem
I own it but I have never used it? No problem.
I’ve played around with it but have no clue. No Problem.

You do NOT need to own PS to take the course. In fact, it is HIGHLY recommend that you come and take notes without your computer. YES, that is correct. Why? Because we have found that people get lost and miss the steps they need. It is far better to take notes of each step and THEN apply what you have learned at your own pace at home. This in fact is how the professional photography industry works when teaching this software at conventions.


1. Come with nothing and take lots of notes of each step and what the PS Tools are all about. Recommended.
2. If you do not own Photoshop or Lightroom, download a FREE 7 day trial days before the class to use. Here’s the link:

Lightroom and Photoshop Photography Creative Cloud Package – Best Software on the Market for $9.99mo, yours FREE for 7 days