Mastering Your Camera: Part 3

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This event finished on 14 March 2019

In this next level course, learn how to use your flash. Using a flash scares most people, however, learning these easy to understand concepts will allow you to use one of the most powerful tools we have in photography.  This course also takes you into the knowledge of photographing at night! Night Time photography is one of the most beautiful times to photograph. You will learn how to get those amazing Night time shots you have always wanted. The 3rd part of this course will be an intro in learning some very fun special effect photography! Your kids and friends of all ages,  will LOVE these photographic ideas we will be showing you how to do!


Covered topics Include:

Harness the Power of your Flash- Learning to use flash properly indoor and out!

Histograms- A VERY Important part of learning your exposure

Panning to create motion.

White Balance

Night Time photography- Includes scenic, long exposure and more

Intro to special effects –  Learn some FUN photography effects you can enjoy with the kids and family!

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