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McKay Fine Art collection

For the first time, David and Ally McKay have made available their Fine Art images as limited edition pieces offered for sale. Each image is a unique Vision of their work as artist and imagery they have created from around the world. Only 250 of each image will ever be offered for sale  in Wall Art Piece sizing 20″ and larger. A numbered, hand signed, Certificate of Authenticity, will accompany your McKay Art Piece with shipment directly to your home or office.

The McKay’s offer their Fine Art images in your choice of the beautiful and unique contemporary medium of Metal printing as well as the always beautiful and classic Lacquered Canvas mounted to Masonite for durability. On certain images, a metallic paper may be used based on discussions with the artists vision for the piece and where it will be displayed.

Artist Canvas

Your choice of image beautifully printed and adhered to top artist quality canvas. Because we use only the finest quality canvas available, the images take on a dimension of sophistication lending a stylish elegance to any room. This is NOT an ink on canvas and the process our images go through is much more desirable.

Our canvas is a “wet” process where the image is printed, then the emulsion is peeled away be hand and adhered to Artist Canvas in an oven bake process. After, the image is lacquered for protection. This is perfect for a more classic yet elegant and traditional look of your McKay Art Piece.

Each Canvas includes your choice of frame in Black or Brown. All images come framed and ready to hang. Size is based on Canvas size. Please add 3″ to all sides for a frame. All canvas is lacquered in order to preserve your McKay Art Piece. No glass is required.

  • 60″ Canvas – $1695
  • 50″ Canvas – $1495
  • 40″ Canvas – $1295
  • 30″ Canvas – $1095
  • 24″ Canvas – $895
  • 20″ Canvas – $695

Metal Prints for beauty & durability

The Metal Printing process represents a new art medium for preserving photographs by infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal sheets. The metal prints take on a magical luminescence. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, the archival qualities of this unique process are unparalleled.

This process is an excellent finish for any subject, especially Fine Art images. As the dyes are infused into the thick clear coating and not on the surface, prints have a beautiful glow; people often think that the prints are backlit. The luminosity characteristic of metal prints is most evident with the gloss surfaces (white or silver), but the white under-base assures that colors will not be subdued. Rich vibrant colors glow on this unique surface. Your McKay Fine Art piece on Metal will be around for generations.

Waterproof and Ultra-Hard, Scratch Resistant. Vibrant, Luminescent colors. Durable archival prints without glass. Each image comes ready to hang and is flush from side to side. No need for a frame as the frame is built in from behind as a float out  from the wall. This is a more contemporary look and feel.

  • 60″ Metal – $1695
  • 50″ Metal – $1495
  • 40″ Metal – $1295
  • 30″ Metal – $1095
  • 24″ Metal – $895
  • 20″ Metal – $695


Prices for each piece are offered based on the length of the longest side. For instance, a 30×40″ is priced on the 40″ side whether Vertical or Horizontal. Some images crop differently, so a 40″ image may be 30×40″ but could also be 27 1/2 x 38 3/4 ” if it suits the cropping of the piece best in our opinion. Some pieces are also produced in a square. So specifics for sizing you may need to know.

All sizes may slightly vary based on the cropping of each image for impact. If you have specific dimensions you need us to try and work with, please contact us so we can discuss as we are always happy to custom work a piece if possible.


These prints are made for the enthusiast that would like to have a small piece just to enjoy. Printed on the highest quality Archival photographic paper, your print comes sprayed for protection and is ready to frame. These images are not limited edition and a numbered certificate will not accompany the image. However, a Certificate of Authenticity as an original McKay will come with the image.

11 x 14″ or 16″ based on crop – $135

To Place an Order

To order a McKay original Fine Art piece, please email David & Ally directly at

They will personally contact you back to discuss the piece you are interested in, the size and printing options. The McKay’s work with their clients personally to obtain the vision for each piece ordered between collector and artist.