Fomer MPA employee goes out to help the world!

We are honored to be a part of peoples lives that dedicate themselves to making this world a better place. We have one of our own going out to do work selflessly through story-telling , image making and showing love to a hurting world.  Taylor Jashinsky has been part of the MPA team and we are so proud of her accomplishments and that she will be using her photography to make a difference.

Please read her story.

-David and Ally


Hello, my name is Taylor Jashinsky and I am a recent graduate of Westmont College and I would love to tell you about the amazing opportunity I will soon be embarking on. For two years, I will be living and working in Asia on behalf of an organization called World Concern. There, I will act as a visual storyteller, going into the villages and tribes where World Concern works in order to powerfully and effectively document the stories of some of the poorest and marginalized people that World Concern works with. With a passion for photography, writing and traveling for as long as I can remember, pursuing this dream with my camera in hand is the only way I could imagine stepping into such a new chapter of my life.



Three years ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to work under Ally and Dave’s wonderful leadership and teaching as their assistant for MPA when it was just getting started. It was then that my love for photography turned into something much more tangible as I realized that with the right skills, passion and creativity, the possibilities are endless. With each beginning and intermediate class that I sat in on and every question I got to answer, my desire to pursue photography as something more than just a hobby grew.


Over the past three years I have been able to make the art of photography my own as I have embraced the opportunities to travel to Guatemala, Western Europe, the near Middle East and Madagascar. With each trip, I faced various challenges when it came to photography – the displeasure that some cultures find in being photographed, unique environmental circumstances as well as my ever-evolving personal style in photography. My greatest realization of all, however, is that photography is a unique and challenging art form that takes time, patience and discipline.


As I prepare to embark on my greatest adventure yet, I am thankful and in awe at the comfort and community that I have found in fellow photographers, wanderlusts and writers alike. Though I still have much to learn, I feel well equipped in my knowledge of photography as I set out to be an advocate and storyteller for those whose names and faces would otherwise go unheard and unseen.

It is my privilege to utilize the skills and abilities that I have learned in order to fulfill a greater, global need. For the next two years, my camera will quite literally become a part of me in a way that I have never before known. I am excited to take the technical skills, artistic edginess and personal flair that MPA has provided and encouraged me with to the ends of the earth.


In preparation for this two-year commitment, where I will be serving in Myanmar and traveling to countries including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Laos and Vietnam, I will be relying on the emotional, spiritual and financial support of family, friends and others who feel led to help me engage the world abroad. I would love it if you could partner with me in this journey as I take what once was only a hobby and make it into the greatest means of visually communicating the needs of the poor and marginalized to people back home.


All donations go through World Concern, are tax deductible and go directly towards my budget and my role as a communication liaison and will impact the lives of those who World Concern is helping abroad.


To learn more about this amazing journey or to make a monthly donation, please visit


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