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Many of you visiting this site have a good camera and the interest to enjoy its potential much more. You probably have a desire to learn to take great photographs, but just do not understand how all of it works. We will show you all the basics to creating good images. McKay Photography Academy Sacramento photography classes, as well as our San Jose classes, are here to help you learn digital photography in a fun , easy to understand way. The MPA digital photography courses are designed  around a small class room setting giving you optimal learning exposure. The McKay Photography Academy photography workshops will take you to a new level!

McKay Photography Academy has been created to give you the opportunity to learn Digital Photography in fun easy to understand concepts! You will learn from two of the world’s finest photographers and accomplished photography educators, David and Ally McKay.

Photography Classes

Offering many varieties of classes such as Mastering your Camera, Parts 1-3, Travel Photography and Photo editing courses. We have a course just right for whatever level you are at! Be sure to purchase as many vouchers from Groupon, Living Social, or from McKay Photography Academy direct as you like, as you can use for a variety of classes. New classes are being added all the time as well. More advanced specialty classes are coming as well! Our Portrait Academy features the exciting fields of portrait and wedding photography.

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Photography Tours

 If you are looking to experience Photography, Travel, Friendship and Adventure, you want to check out our Photography Tours. MPA tours take place all over the world! Tours are limited in people and give you hands on experience always offering a minimum of 1 instructor per 5 participants. These trips are set up so you learn photography, see some incredible locations, meet all kinds of new friends and have adventures of a lifetime!  if you are worried about your level of experience, you are in great hands! We pride ourselves in helping brand new photographers as well as working with advanced photographers. No matter what your level, you are in good company! Our desire is to help you enjoy photography to the fullest. The wonderful process of creating images is amazingly rewarding. Whether you love taking pictures of nature or people, cars or planes, children or animals, our photo tours are just for you!


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Photography Tours

We invite you to experience the joy of creating images with confidence and share in our passion of photography. Please don’t take just our word for it, be sure to visit our Student Spotlight page and see what some of our clients have to say. You will see work they are creating and hear what they have to say themselves about MPA. Remember, these are all people that started as beginners and have come this far in a short time.

The MPA Team!

Synergistic Team Effort
noun, plural synergies.
1.the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions,etc.; synergism.

SO what does this TEAM look like?This is a TEAM of HIGHLY accredited, awarded, well known and knowledgeable full time working pros working with you PERSONALLY no matter what your photographic level!  

Each instructor is personally recognized by Ally and David and comes with their OWN amazing back story. Our TEAM is dedicated to the pursuit of photographic education, and to offering the best instruction available in the world, and they EACH have the background of experience to prove it.

We have stepped up our game even higher and created a team of full time working pro’s that will make sure you are having the best and enjoyable photography instruction available today. PERIOD.

Quite simply, there is not another photographic resource that has the experience of thissynergistic team that has come together!

Meet the MPA Team!

Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to seeing you soon!

David and Ally McKay