Portrait Academy

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Each portrait academy sells out!

Family, Children and High School Sr. Portraits
“Learn to photograph portraits like the Pros!”

Whether you dream of a career in photography or just want to learn how to photograph people and lighting, this course is awesome. Do not miss your opportunity to really go after your dreams of photographing at a professional level!

” I have attended the McKay Pro Academy. It changed my views and practices immediately. David and Ally share many of the pitfalls that plague photographers when they decide to become professional or begin a business. David and Ally have “Been There Done That!” and very freely share their experiences during this class. Two Master photographers who walk the talk and live the life … how can you miss this? It is well WORTH the investment in your future as you think about and venture out into the business side of being a photographer. This course is PACKED with hands-on practice and experience using indoor & outdoor portrait lighting … plus … techniques for getting the best images of your subjects. Remember, you are not just watching … you are doing it! Being a teacher, I know how valuable this type of learning environment is … Even if going pro is not your goal … just imagine how much better your family photos will become. ~ Lori S. R., CA”

If you are serious about wanting a career or additional income through Portrait and/or Wedding photography, this THREE full-day event is your opportunity to learn from two of the most sought-after Professional industry market teachers in the US. All at an incredible price 1/3 of what others charge for less personalized instruction!

David and Ally teach to hundreds at a time on the professional level. Now YOUR opportunity to spend three exclusive days with them personally in their own studio and USE THEIR private studio equipment! You will be photographing with both David and Ally as your personal instructors!

If you DREAM of TRULY being a pro or photographing people and want to take the right steps to succeed, this IS FOR YOU!

Many of you have realized by now, just because you have a nice camera, that no more truly makes you a Pro than someone with a wrench is an auto mechanic. Seriously, the differences between what we would call a Pro and what many people THINK is a Pro, are BIG. We see new “Pros” every day and they really are not even close to truly being what we would consider a Pro should be. We want to help you become what you really want in the world of photography and to succeed in doing so!

“There is NO BETTER way to start you on a new photographic career path than this course.”

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Photo taken by Adam Furtado, former McKay Student and now working Pro.

Here’s the info and Highlights:

This class is LIMITED to only 10 people and will be taught with David and Ally being your personal host and educators!


You will personally be taught, inspired and worked with by the McKay’s in this once in a lifetime opportunity at their personal Northern CA studio (Near Sacramento) and on location in their local area

This is an intensive three day event. You will learn in three days what it take people YEARS to learn and cost serval thousands of dollars in most situations.

If you want to be a Pro OR just want to learn portrait photography, here is your chance!

Learn Portraiture on Location and in Studio. You will learn the in’s and out’s of how to photograph families, couples and children. There will be live models and full sessions will take place both in the studio and in outdoor locations. Included will be proper posing techniques, family interaction dynamics, children, studio lighting techniques and High School Senior Portraits.

To register- Email David McKay



Work with studio lighting, modification systems, and reflectors. Learn what equipment the McKay’s use and learn what equipment you need for the jobs you want to do. Everything from backgrounds to labs to software use will be covered. Plus, David and Ally are available for questions the entire time! You ALSO get to use their personal studio equipment.


Many photographers are excellent but do not last because they lack understanding the business concepts of running a successful Portrait and Wedding business. This part alone is WELL WORTH the fee as you can make your tuition fee back many times over if you follow these proven techniques. Learn how David and Ally have been in business for over 25 years running one of the most successful studios in the entire country. Learn the McKay Sales concepts that revolutionized their own business and others that have studied under them. Also, learn about the many Professional organizations you can join and how to get involved in them!

Mentoring Series

Included with every registration is the McKay Mentoring series! This series is available only to Professionals and sells for $399 in their classes.

  1. “Marketing” Lets you take home their Marketing and Sales Techniques.
  2. “Sales Manual” is an entire Sales Manual written on the McKay’s sales techniques. This alone has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for many that have followed it. This is HOURS of work placed into your hands for use! $399 value by itself INCLUDED.
  3. “Portfolio” You will have copyright free access to use any images you take during this class. This means you will be able to use these images for your portfolio, website and any advertising you would like to do.
  4. “Images Critique & Photoshop” Spend time critiquing images taken. Helping you take your images to the next level. Each day, a viewing time of images took during the sessions will be discussed. The idea is to sit as a group and discuss images and how to take them to the next level. This is an incredible learning process alone worth the fee. The McKay’s will also show you how they finish their images in photoshop and the proper printing techniques they use as well as their professional lab choice.
  5. “Good Times” Although each day will be FULL of photography, we will all be hanging out together. We want this to be a very personal experience with us. You will not only be learning but think of it as you hanging out with us, enjoying a meal together, as we discuss images and photography. That is the atmosphere we will be creating. A very personal and fun environment of learning!


For a very special investment of only $1095 (1/3 of what others qualified charge), you will spend THREE FULL DAYS photographing and learning with PPA Master Photographers David and Ally McKay. ONLY 10 people are allowed in this so you must reserve your spot now by registering here!

To register- Email David McKay directly at mckayphotography@sbcglobal.net

Travel Info

Airport – Sacramento Intl.

Hotels – There are several hotels in our area (El Dorado Hills, Folsom) within minutes of our studio. We can help arrange transportation to our studio each day from your hotel if it is in the general area. Please contact us for a list of area hotels.


McKay Photography Academy

Our hearts are to inspire and see you grow as photographers. We will do all we can to make that happen. Please know we deeply care and appreciate you. We have dedicated our lives to our family, faith, helping others and to photography. Please let us know how we can serve you in reaching your goals. ~ David and Ally McKay


The McKay Pro Academy cannot and does not guarantee you full-time success as a pro photographer. If you follow the teaching, you will be on your way. There are many factors the McKay’s cannot control outside of their own hands. For this reason, students realize, that in becoming a working Pro, they must continue to work hard, persevere and continue their own education following a McKay course. This is the beginning of a career. However, because of the many factors involved, McKay Academy cannot guarantee your success. YOU MUST guarantee your success! It can take years of work to attain full-time status. Although the McKay’s desire all students to attain their dreams, they cannot guarantee a person’s total success. However, they sure plan on kicking you in the butt to go for it. For any questions on any guarantees, you must submit in writing.

Due to the nature of our classes and for several reasons and commitments we must make, all sales are final and no refunds will be given for missed classes.