Thanks again for everything!! I had such an amazing time and cannot stop thinking about it!! I’m very excited about things I learned and the relationships I’ve made!! It was truly one of the best experiences of my life and I have you and ally to thank for that!!! Again I cannot thank you enough!! Iceland will be amazing!! Kindly, Shiloh

Dave and Ally …. WOW An amazing trip ….. Loved the animals I learned SO much … Your instructions were so informative and easy to follow … I do now understand how difficult conditions can be to get a great shot!!!! Walking over boulders, streams, getting very wet and very cold …. But it was really FUN. Thanks for the great time…. I am planning on going on another trip sometime…… ~ Margy M.

I can’t begin to tell you what the Greece trip meant to me. Not only are you guys two of the most extremely talented photographers in the world, you are so down to earth that it made this big scary adventure for me an absolutely amazing experience. Your skill and expertise is apparent through the growth that was seen in each of us on this trip; growth in photographic skill and personal experiences. The wonderful young man that Taylor is, is also attributed to the great parents and quality people that you both are. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity (especially at this particular time in my life) to travel with your group and all the people I met on the trip. I’ve made a few new friends that I feel I may know for the rest of my life. I made another new friend on the July Portland trip that is here with me now in Grand Cayman, that’s thanks to you guys too! – Terry

David and Ally- The world of photography has been opened to me and I have appreciated all the learning! So much more to explore and enjoy and places and people to experience. Life has so many adventures and simple pleasures to be blessed by. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time together and cherish our friendship! – Susan S

AWESOME workshop! I’ve been to another, but this one was fantastic! Very thorough and easy to understand!

The class was interesting, fun and informative. I learned quite a bit and it was money well spent. I would go again and I definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to go to learn more about photography and their cameras.

Worth much more than I paid for it. Highly recommended if you want to learn the ropes of photography.

Excellent class!!! Learned so much, hope that they will come back soon and looking forward to the next level class. Thank You!!!

The seminar was much more informative and comprehensive than I expected. I had attended a very basic course at a community college over 7 years ago and this was a much better run and informative program. I was very impressed.

I would like to send my gratitude and thanks for Sunday’s seminar in South San Francisco. My wife purchased it for me as a gift and it was the most informative and fun class I have ever attended. Thank you and please put me on your mailing list. Hope to see or maybe even go take some photos with you all soon. Thank you! ~ Steve

I had the most amazing experience at your class in Santa Clara. I always liked photography but you have encouraged and inspired me to be the artist I always wanted to be and also gave me the tools to do so. I’m looking forward to more classes and a safari with you, thanks ~ Deepali

The class was awesome, I have a read a lot about manual mode photography online but I never actually got it. The class was just what I needed. They were so helpful and patient with everyone’s questions. We feel more confident in our photo editing and the guys running this kept us laughing the whole time.

David and Ally, WHAT A TEAM! Today was my first photography class. I’ve been wanting to take one for over 25 years and this one was worth the wait! They are MASTER TEACHERS! Besides being extraordinary experts, they kept me laughing while they smoothly poured a TON of information into my brain in a way that I could follow step by step. Don’t misunderstand me, I needed to buy their DVD so I can retain, integrate and really apply, hopefully, what they taught. Also, indeed, I do believe that they are changing the world with their Vision Culture Program. Count me in! THANK YOU. THANK YOU! ~ Carol

I took your evening class on Sunday June 10th and I have never been so inspired!!!! I have always loved taking pictures as long as I can remember: every family get together, trip, etc, because I always say – how else will we remember?? However I was always kinda disappointed with my pics, partly probably because I didn’t have a nice camera and partly cause I had NO IDEA what I was doing. Anyways my husband bought me the D3100 Nikon at Costco and I signed up for your class. I was very impressed by both your abilities as photographers and your teaching ability. The class was exactly what I needed to get me going on understanding what the heck is going on when you’re trying to capture an image. ~ Lindsey

Big kudos to you, David, Ally, Adam & Chris!!  You guys rock!!  The level of professionalism, enthusiasm and pure passion to teach and share just never cease to inspire me!  I’m counting the days until the next McKay safari!  I’m really glad I found you guys April last year.  You’ve helped me discover photography as a form of true art AND fire off the creative pistons in me that I never knew existed!  THANK YOU!! ~ Daniel C.