Tanzania- Wildlife AND Cultural Experience

August 15th -24th 2019

“The Call of the Wild,
Maasai Mara Crossing and time with the Hadzabe Tribe

Tanzania- Wildlife AND Cultural experience

A photographic and life experience that is mind blowing
and will forever change your life.

Bucket list item……..check

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Tanzania, Africa – August 15th -24th 2019

This immersive safari with McKay Photography Academy speaks to the animal lover’s soul: an exciting adventure that takes you straight into the heart of Tanzania’s best wildlife viewing areas. Venture into the plains every morning for full days of spectacular wildlife viewing, and unwind in luxurious, eco-friendly camps located in the middle of the wild. Each night, settle into comfortable, downy bedding and drift asleep to the nighttime sounds of safari.

This world-class wildlife safari is further complemented by a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with the Hadza, Africa’s last remaining hunter-gatherer tribe.

Join David & Ally McKay and the McKay Photography Academy Team along with our expert Tanzanian guides (personal friends and chosen by us) for a very exciting, very special, adventure that will be more than you can ever imagine!

Guests with all levels of photographic experience, beginner through advanced are welcome! This tour will have an incredible 5-1 client-instructor ratio and even if you are brand new to photography, there is NO NEED to feel intimidated on joining us!


The Wildlife

Tanzania Africa, without a doubt, is one of the premier wildlife safari destinations in the world. This tour is set during the prime Migration period of the Maasai Mara river crossing where thousands of Wildebeest and Zebra risk everything to cross the crocodile infested waters of the Maasai Mara between Kenya and Tanzania!

Lions, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Leopard, Hippo, Cape Buffalo, Rhino and MUCH MORE are ALL possibilities to not only see and photograph, but to watch in action.

As we are based in the heart of the prime of the Serengeti, we have access to locate the best wildlife the world has to offer. You WILL see wildlife and you WILL be blown away at it all. Words are not adequate to be able to describe what you will feel as you watch and photograph in this incredible place. 

Working with our personally selected group of guides we have worked with in the past, we will have the best of the best when it comes to scouts and knowledge on hand to get us to where the action is. We will leave early mornings and come back to camp late. This is NOT a run of the mill tour. This is a truly premier experience dedicated to getting you to the wildlife, and in the best positions possible to photograph it. 

Watch this video from a previous tour to get a sense of just some of what you will see and experience. 


The Culture

This tour will be extra special. We have the ability to do some really awesome cultural exchanges as well. One of the most amazing experiences we have ever had was the ability to meet with members of various tribes. The Maasai, the Datoga, and Hadzabe tribe will all be a part of this tour.

The “Hadza”, as they are known, are one of the last true hunter-gather tribes in the world and eventually, will be no more. These nomads, live in the bush, and without a set home. This will truly be a life-altering experience for those that go with us.

The Hadza never know when we are coming. We have a guide that scouts and finds out where they are located ahead of time from the air. Then, he relays this information to our group and takes us out to join them on the day we have set. It can still take us a couple of hours just to find exactly where they are!  

 Watch this video to see our experiences with the Hadza!


Accommodations and Food

It is hard to believe that you will go to Africa and actually gain weight!  BUT YOU WILL!  Why? We have amazing personal chefs at our camps creating 5 star dining experiences all while we are in the middle of the Serengeti!  If you have any dietary restrictions, it is no problem at all as long as we know in advance. You will find that not only will you love the atmosphere of eating together in our dining tent, food prepared, you will find the food exceptional!   Also available is the “bar tent”.  After a full day out wildlife viewing, you will come to love the tent with a bar set up and beautiful sofas, and chairs to sit and gaze out at the Serengeti from.  

 After dinner, sit by a fire and watch the sun sink below the horizon, as we all talk of the days adventures! 

Our “Nyumba” camps are private camps set up with beautiful large tents. Now when we say tent, we do not mean a “tent” as in American terms. Rather a beautiful canvas accommodation, with full beds and Tempurpedic mattresses in them, as well as a sink and toilet! It takes the word “glamping” to a new level! 

Level of Photography- 

If you are a beginner, fearful of travel, or unsure of photography settings, no need to worry! Our team is here to help you with any questions and you will fit right in with our personalized instruction! No need to feel intimidated at all. We’ve got your back!

If you have more experience as a photographer, you will be able to work one on one with some of the top pros in the industry! Receiving very personalized instruction, catered to your needs.

This tour is going to include an amazing line up of instructors and a min 5-1 Client/Instructor ratio! 

Please email hello@mckaylive.com for registration and available options! 


  • Dates: August 15th – 24th 2019
  • Cost: $8495 plus $300 TZ Tourism tax
  • Single Supplement $950
  • Limited Space Available!


  • Tour Price Includes A TON!
  • A 5-1 Client/Instructor ratio!
  • Accommodations Based on Double Occupancy
  • Meals as Noted in Itinerary, Inclusive of Restaurant Staff Tips( All meals while on Safari!) 
  • Complimentary Bottled Drinking Water Throughout Your Safari
  • All Park Fees
  • Complete Preparation Materials Including Helpful Tips, Packing List, Trip Expectations, Tipping Guidelines,
  • TOP Professional Safari Guides and Drivers
  • Safari Briefings Throughout Your Trip
  • Services of Nyumba Camp Staff Including Chef and Waitstaff
  • Tech Tent at Nyumba Camps for Charging Electronics until 9pm Each Night
  • Land Transportation in a Customized, 4-Wheel Drive Safari Vehicle
  • Unlimited Mileage in Safari Vehicles •Guaranteed Window Seating in Safari Vehicles
  • Maximum of 4 Travelers per Land Rover- ALlowing you prime photography from the vehicles!


  • Tour Price DOES NOT Include:

*Travel Insurance(HIGHLY recommended) *International Round-Trip Flight to Tanzania *Airline-Imposed Fuel Surcharges *Airline-Imposed Seat Assignment and Checked Baggage Fees *Fees for Passport, Visa, or Immunizations *Meals and Expenses en Route to Tanzania *Cost of Hospitalization or Evacuation *Beer, Wine, Spirits, and Soda *Laundry, Phone, Internet, and Items of a Personal Nature *Tips for Guides, Drivers,Camp Staff and Instructors

*NOTE – We strive to create the best photographic experience while maintaining the safety of our guests

*Base Itinerary 

Day 1 – Arrival into Arusha
Thomson Safaris will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your comfortable lodge.
Transfer from Kilimanjaro Airport With Your Group
Accommodations: Rivertrees Country Inn
Day 2 – Arusha to Serengeti National Park
Fly from the busy town of Arusha to the quiet, open plains of the Serengeti. There are often stunning views during the one-hour flight over the farm-dotted highlands and valleys below. Upon landing in the Serengeti, you will be greeted by your guide and begin your safari adventure. The word “Serengeti” derives from the Maasai “Siringet” and has been artistically translated as “the land that flows on forever”. Serengeti National Park covers thousands of miles of pristine land and offers not only expansive vistas but the largest migration of mammals on earth, including 1.5 million wildebeest .Day 3,4 and 5- Serengeti National Park
Most of us know about the “Great Migration” from nature programs that capture some of the most thrilling moments on film. Often misunderstood, the migration is a perpetual, year-round process involving over one million wildebeest and 200,000zebra who roam the plains quietly, in search of food and water. While some antelope and hyena may follow the herds, other animals remain in their territories or have separate migratory patterns. The migration’s most dramatic moments often occur when large numbers of wildebeest and zebra make river crossings, during which they must elude predators in a desperate fight for survival. There is no telling exactly when these highly dramatic movements will occur, but all safari-goers are sure to see plenty of wildebeest and zebra while in Tanzania.Day 6 – Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Drive from the Serengeti to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. You will pass one of the greatest
prehistoric sites in Olduvai Gorge, where archeologists have been making thrilling fossil discoveries for nearly a century. After cutting across the desert-like bush country, you will arrive at a range of hills that lead to Ngorongoro. You will pass Maasai herding their cattle alongside the road. The Maasai are allowed to live in boma settlements throughout the conservation area. The famed Ngorongoro Crater has one of the greatest concentrations of wildlife in the world.
Day 7 – Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Spend a day in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a habitat rich in culture and teeming with wildlife.
Sometimes there are more than 30,000 animals in and around the crater, including black rhino,
cheetah, lion, hyena, eland, and numerous antelope. On the floor of the crater, the alkaline Lake
Magadi serves as an important water source, also attracting flamingo flocks during the dry season.
Nearby, the small Lerai Forest, with its yellow fever acacia trees, provides shade and shelter for
wildlife. You will often see baboons, vervet monkeys, and even elephants in its thicket. Thorny bush, grasslands, hippo pools and a second small lake are also found on the floor. You’ll soon see why
Ngorongoro is considered to be among the world’s great wonders.
Day 8 – Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the Great Rift Valley
The Great Rift Valley abuts the conservation area, but offers a dramatically different, drier landscape. Be sure to take in the views from the top of the escarpment onto the plains below. It is one of the most beautiful in Tanzania!This afternoon, you will make your way to a Datoga village for a rare glimpse into this
pastoralist culture. Meet men and women of the community as they go about their daily lives,
visiting a typical home and a local blacksmith, who makes the brass jewelry favored by Datoga
women, as well as the spear tips prized by men. This has been a big highlight to many guests on our tours! 
Day 9 – Great Rift Valley
Spend the day with one of the world’s last hunter-gatherer tribes, the Hadzabe. Guests may
head out on an early morning hunt in search of small mammals and birds or gather honey and roots
with the women.
Early in the morning, you will head into the bush to meet members of the Hadza, one of the
world’s last hunter-gatherer tribes. Join the men as they hunt or collect honey, or go gathering
with the women. The activity will not be pre-arranged, as it is based solely on the tribe’s needs
on the given day.As this is the last of these people, this is truly a remarkable experience. Soon, there will be no Hadza left as a truly Nomadic people as they are now. This is a must do incredible opportunity very few ever get or ever will! *Subject to change based on many possibilities that can come upon a tour of this nature. Flexibility is key when traveling on a tour like this in order for us to get the most incredible opportunities available as they happen! 

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