Welcome Dena and Martin Bez, Beth Manalac, Jennifer Brosnan, and Christina Olson to the /trībe/

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We have NEW /TRĪBE/ Members and we would like to Welcome them!!!

This new crop of enthusiastic members have combined for 19 trips to various locations. That is incredible considering we are only talking about a few people. Either they really enjoy the MPA experience or they love the punishment. We prefer to think they just LOVE the MPA team as a whole.

  • 2 to Italy
  • 3 to San Francisco Urban Safari
  • 2 to San Francisco Marin Headlands Day Safari
  • 2 to Pro Academy
  • 1 to Yosemite
  • 5 to Bozeman
  • 3 to Moab
  • 1 to Pt. Lobos

Either way, let’s give these folks a warm welcome to the MPA /TRĪBE/!!!! We are happy to have them on board.

Dena and Martin Bez

Beth Manalac

Jennifer Brosnan

Christina Olson

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