Brad Marendt

Why do you love photography?

Two main reasons…We get to tell the stories of a moment in time and we get to inspire, motivate, and build confidence in people.

  • In landscape photography, it forces us to stop, absorb, and appreciate all the simple beauty that surrounds us. With the pace of life, it is so easy to keep our heads down and take for granted the beauty of a common scene you pass by every day; a single oak in the middle of rolling hills, the symmetry of a building, the way light passes through the trees.


  • In portrait photography, we get to inspire every individual to feel their value so they can confidently take on this world. Capturing the unique personality of each individual and taking away the “I don’t photograph well” statement from their vocabulary. You’re more photogenic than you think and we’re going to prove it together. 

What was your favorite MPA photography tour so far?

Yellowstone in the winter! A perfect National Park covered in the fluffy white stuff, a snowmobile trip to the top of Two Tops Mountain, and an experience of a lifetime with Animals of Montana. This may be the greatest value trip MPA provides and I would do it over and over again!

I just hope they are still going when my daughter is old enough. Another favorite “trip” was to their house for the McKay Portrait Photography workshop, which taught me so much about shooting portraits and building a business.  

Your favorite thing about MPA?

The most selfish reason, the dedicated time to photography. Sounds simple but when you go with non-photog family members, they simply don’t understand why 5 min is not enough to take a picture. I simply love that photography is the reason we’re there and there are no complaints from the peanut gallery.

Also, being with MPA you are encouraged to find your own creative style with expert guidance along the way. I would often ask “is this a good photo?” only to be asked right back “I don’t know, what do you think?”, spurring conversation about lighting, composition, and potential post-processing aspects. MPA instructors really facilitate you to become a better photographer through the technical and the creative.

Lastly, I have built great friendships on each MPA tour and that is really what it is all about. Friends who support and encourage you all along the way.

Your favorite thing about Photo Enthusiast Network?

I have purchased a lot of training (A LOT!) and joined many different photography groups.  Nowhere else do you get the resources that PEN provides. My two favorite things, the educational videos, and the photo critiques. A scary moment putting your photo out there but invaluable feedback from both the PEN leaders and the community. Once you see the feedback come through, it’s a sigh of relief that this community is a safe and supportive place and you get the feedback you don’t get anywhere else at the value of your PEN membership.

Your aspirations as a photographer/artist?

Be a full-time photographer and artist that inspires individuals to know their value and appreciate the beauty in themselves and this world. It’s a passion that MPA and PEN have helped to spark and grow through their resources, training, and mentorship.

Where do you look forward to traveling next?  

We are heading to Zion in April and Scotland in June and I cannot wait to take in the sites of the old world and all its history. My bucket list: An MPA trip back to Croatia!

Any info you want to share about yourself? 

You can check out my web site


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