Client and Instructor Expectations

Below is a set of guidelines on what to expect on MPA tours. Please review and remember to follow so that we
can make sure everyone is on the same page and ready for this wonderful adventure together! One thing we can
guarantee, is that not everything will go according to plan on a tour like this. “F” for flexibility is key and we as a
team need the group to understand this and have a positive energy throughout the tour.

MPA has had the pleasure of guiding photography enthusiasts across all corners of the globe, spanning every
continent, with a community that has now grown to over 3000 clients! Our journey has been nothing short of
remarkable, and we feel incredibly lucky to pursue our passion and share it with those who choose to join us.

Our team at MPA is deeply committed to delivering a memorable and enriching experience on every tour we
conduct. While it’s a rare occurrence, there are moments when a client’s expectations don’t align with the
services we provide. We understand that for some, embarking on a photography tour with us may be a first-time
adventure, filled with uncertainties. Others may have a repertoire of similar experiences to compare with. Then
there are many among you who have journeyed with us on multiple occasions, who are well-acquainted with
our ethos and approach.

In light of this diversity, we aim to establish clear expectations, to help you understand what we stand for and
what we will offer during your time with us.

• Clients should expect that all MPA instructors will do their very best to help you achieve excellent
photography education. We will pour ourselves into you. We do not take that lightly and we ask you to do
the same.

Flexibility stands as the cornerstone of our excursions, often fondly referred to as the McKay “F” word. It’s
crucial to acknowledge that each day brings its own set of unforeseen events and challenges, many times
behind the scenes that the team has to deal with very unexpectedly. Thus, an adaptable mindset and
positive outlook are essential for both the MPA instruction team and our clients during a tour. Embracing
flexibility enhances the learning experience and fosters a more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved.
Be prepared for the journey to possibly deviate from the itinerary, have unexpected changes, and the need
to be flexible at certain times – it’s all part of the adventure!

• We choose to describe our offerings as “tours” rather than “workshops.” This is an intentional choice that
reflects the depth of our experiences. Yes, photography is the catalyst that unites us, but a tour
encompasses so much more. It’s not solely about capturing stunning images or honing your technical skills.
It’s about embarking on an unforgettable journey that enriches your life. These moments have the power to
nourish your spirit and enhance your photographic perspective, contributing positively to the world around
us. Although photography has united us, it is not our sole purpose in doing what we do.

• At our core, we view the connections with our clients as deeply collaborative and reciprocal partnerships,
rather than mere client/instructor/guide interactions. We embrace a shared journey of growth, learning, and
appreciation for the wonders of our world. Our collective aim is to enact positive change, leaving an
environment that’s more enlightened than we found it. Our hope is that MPA transcends the traditional
boundaries of photographic educational tours; and our tours become an enriching life adventure.

• Traveling can often be a taxing experience. Especially internationally. It’s common for some to become
fatigued and encounter moments of stress. We’re here to provide support and assistance where possible.
However, let’s remember to embrace the spirit of exploration and adventure that comes with your journey.

• We’d like to remind you that while we diligently organize your tours, there are aspects like airline timetables,
regulations, and various other elements that are beyond our sphere of influence in travel and logistics. We’re
committed to ensuring you’re well-prepared for your journey, yet we urge you to embrace adaptability and
maintain a flexible mindset throughout your travels.

It is not feasible for us to possess knowledge of every camera system or photography product available.
Nonetheless, we are committed to doing everything within our power to provide solutions for our clients and to
collaborate with our colleagues to achieve this goal.

• We are here to serve, but we are not here to be your servants. This is the same for anyone we encounter such as
guides, waitstaff etc. We hold our clients in high regard and request that they reciprocate with respect. not only to
us, but all those we encounter on our journey.

• We do not know it all nor do we or others enjoy it when people like to be “know it all’s”.

• We will put in a lot of effort for every tour. However, it is important to note that we cannot be available 24/7. Since photography tours are dynamic in nature, we do not adhere to regular office hours. The instruction time must be flexible, adapting to the unfolding events of each day.

• We will be available to provide instruction and assistance during all photography sessions. We will have various
times available for image reviews, editing, and other informal gathering times, depending on the specific tour
length. These times will also be flexible, considering the nature of running a tour like this.

• Clients should understand that during tours, there is a mutual exchange of questions and information. We will ask questions of our clients, and it is important for our clients to also ask us questions. This applies not only to
photography instruction but also to any needs or issues that we may be able to assist with. By doing so, we can
ensure that we address any issues and find suitable solutions if possible. Otherwise, without open communication, we won’t even know if there is an issue to address. Communication is always a “two-way street”.

• Having a positive attitude daily is key. Overall negative attitudes, complaining, whining, and trying to get others to be a part of negative thoughts and behavior, as well as comments such as “everyone thinks this or that” will not be tolerated and “called out” if need be. Bottom line – this is supposed to be a great, fun, and exciting time together. Let’s make sure it is for everyone!

• At MPA, we operate as a cohesive team. We are not only business owners and professional photographers, but we are also good friends. With each of us having extensive experience in the field, we relentlessly focus on enhancing our skills through continuous education and self-improvement, both as photographers and educators.

• We value the fact that each of us has a unique approach to teaching. This allows our clients to benefit from
different perspectives and thought processes that aid in their learning. Rather than imposing “our” way, the MPA
goal is to assist you in discovering and understanding what works best for you as an individual. Our aim is to help
you find “your” way.

• We as human beings, possess a strong sense of concern for our actions and strive to achieve excellence. Our
utmost effort is all that we can offer, and we anticipate a remarkable collective experience together.

• Our goal is to provide an inclusive experience for all types of photographers with varying skills and personalities
on our tours. We strive to cater to diverse photographic abilities within a group setting and accommodate
everyone’s unique needs. We are passionate about making sure all participants benefit from our tours. We
welcome everyone!

• Let’s have an AMAZING time together!
-Thank you – The MPA Team