Traveling as a photography group should be awesome. There are many advantages to doing so. We have found that 99% of the time everyone gets along great and lifelong friendships are formed. Tours typically end with lots of hugs and tears because of the unity of the group that is formed.

We expect our tours to be fun, flexible and an awesome opportunity to learn photography and to travel together. We always work VERY HARD to bring you the McKay motto which is Photography, Travel, Friendship, and Adventure.

With that, there can be that 1% of the time where for whatever reason, someone has a hard time in a group setting or overall just is a negative type person. We ask you to be kind and courteous to each other. We recognize that you will gravitate towards certain personalities and that is great. If there is someone that you do not seem to get along well with, please just do your best and avoid confrontation.

The best way to handle being in a group setting is to have fun, meet others, relax, be FLEXIBLE, and just enjoy the journey. This is the place you CAN let go and not have to worry about getting from point A to point B or what bus seat is best.

Getting worked up, frustrated and annoyed over silly situations will ruin the tour for yourself and can have a negative impact on the group as a whole. We will NOT allow that to happen. Likewise, having a positive, flexible, and fun attitude, will also rub off as a group! We really find that tours that have great energy, fun dynamics, and flexibility, end up being the best for everyone involved!

At MPA we pride ourselves in giving you a great photography tour. We have led hundreds of clients around the world and love what we do! We cannot control everything and there WILL BE CHANGES that occur and items that come up that will be totally unexpected and outside of our control or yours. That is part of touring.

This is a place for you to sit back, relax, and just enjoy your time with us and the experience you are embarking on. Please let the MPA team help you and educate you with your photography. Simply put, enjoy each other as we travel, photograph and journey together!