In this spotlight, we feature Jason Troyer. Jason has some great images, but he has EXCELLED in the world of creating time-lapse videos. I encourage you to watch these amazing moments he has captured!

MPA: Why do you love photography?

For me, I love looking at the final product. For a lot of what I shoot (night photography and time-lapses) you don’t get the full experience until everything is processed. My absolute favorite is seeing things from a perspective that we can’t with the human eye like the stars moving across the night sky or how vivid the Milky Way can be captured with modern cameras.

MPA: Your favorite thing about MPA?

MPA takes all the non-photography related stress out of their trips. With all the planning, scouting, and prep work out of the way they experience becomes so much more immersive. Also, all of the instructors genuinely care and want you to take the best photographs possible. Every single one of them are very approachable and willing to help anyway they can.

MPA: Your favorite trip or course with MPA?

Easily it has to be Antarctica. Going into the trip I was expecting a lot but it turned out to be so much more. Everything about it was amazing.

MPA: Your aspirations as a photographer/artist?

I think still have a lot of room to grow as a photographer from both a technical side as well as artistically. In the future I would like to learn, practice, and eventually master different techniques and styles. It might be an ambitious goal but that’s what makes it exciting for me.
It is also important to me to build a collection of images and videos I can go through later on to remember the awesome places I have had the privilege to visit.  

MPA: Where do you look forward to traveling next?

There are so many places on my list but it would probably be a three-way tie between Iceland, New Zealand, and Tanzania. Landscape photography in Iceland or New Zealand would be and absolute dream come true and photographing wildlife in Tanzania without a doubt would be amazing.

MPA: Anything else you would like to share about your work?

I’d consider myself a “weekend” hobbyist photographer and I don’t get to go out and shoot as much as id like to but I do occasionally post to Facebook or Instagram @azjtroyer

Here are a number of time lapse videos for you to watch by Jason. They are amazing! 

MPA Tours Time-lapses:
New England 2017 –
Glacier National Park 2018 –
Yosemite 2019 –
Antarctica Video –
Night Time-lapses:
Colorado –
Mt. Saint Helens –
Mt. Hood –
Mt. Shuksan –
Mt. Adams –
Other Time-lapses:
North Cascades –

Antarctica Lenticular Cloud –


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