MPA: Why do you love photography?

LM: At first, photography appealed to me as a way to capture a moment and preserve it. As I pursue this passion, I find that I seek out and appreciate the beauty in, well, everything.  Photography encourages me to interact more frequently and more closely with other passions: nature, animals, and children.  I love sharing these captured moments with others.


MPA: Your favorite thing about MPA?

LM: I came to MPA to learn more about photography from the experienced, professional McKay team. I’ve progressed in my photography thanks to MPA—but I also return to MPA for the fun & friendship. I consider each of the McKay team a friend, and the type of clients MPA attracts are kindred spirits.  There is a lack of egos and a genuine interest in learning and in supporting each other.  I’ve developed several close friendships with fellow McKay travelers.  The PEN community continues this tone—friendship, support & learning—throughout the year. 


MPA: Your favorite trip or course with MPA?

LM: It’s hard to choose just one! A recent favorite is Vietnam.  It’s a beautiful country with diverse scenery; I enjoyed interacting with the Vietnamese people whom I generally found to be optimistic, happy, kind and generous.  I had a lot of fun in my efforts to capture their spirit and culture.


MPA: Your aspirations as a photographer / artist?

LM: To continue to develop in my ability to use light, composition, and storytelling in my photography and to bring joy to those with whom I share my images.


MPA: Where do you look forward to traveling next?

LM: Mongolia!  If you told me twenty years ago that I’d be looking forward to going to Mongolia I would have had a good laugh and said, “you’re crazy”. Now, I know that I’ll love visiting with the locals, seeing the beauty of the country and capturing the moments…