Marriela comes to us from Reno, NV. One of the things we love about her, besides her photography of course, is her attitude. Marriela is always smiling and her attitude is always great for us and out other students. Even though she knows a lot in photography already, she still continues to learn and is always open about new adventures and possibilities. Marriela has been on several safaris with us and has also gone through our 3 day “Learn to be a Pro” academy specializing in learning to photograph families and children. We are looking forward to our next adventure with her in Iceland and Italy and thrilled to see how far Marriela has come in her abilities in such a short time.

MPA: Why do you love photography?

MD: Photography continues to teach me to appreciate more of our World. Colors are more vivid now, details and textures are keener. People’s expressions are much more meaningful. It made me see the world at a whole different light, almost with a “new” set of eyes. The creative process is my fulfillment, from capturing that image to conveying the finality of the moment.

MPA: Your favorite thing about MPA?

MD: The people. David, Ally, Adam, Chris and the rest of their amazing staff. They are the reason the Safaris and classes are awesome! They are very knowledgeable and they make it FUN. And they always go the extra mile for their students!

MPA: Your favorite trip with MPA?

MD: Too many. But to name a couple….. Sedona, a memorable trip to see the red rocks under a major snow storm one day and completely under blue skies the next. The Big Sur Safari – a lot of great friendships were forged. And I am looking forward to ICELAND and ITALY this year!

MPA: Your aspirations as a photographer / artist?

MD: To continue to stay true to what I do and love, to never stop learning and to always challenge myself. To be in a position to mentor and teach photography someday.

MPA: Any info you want to share about yourself and work?

MD: I photograph a variety of genre from Landscapes to Sports, from Wildlife to Architecture. Some of my work is displayed on my website or