Class Registration

(For students who purchased vouchers from Groupon or LivingSocial)

Step 1: Purchase a Voucher

Vouchers are good for any course except our specialty courses (ie. Portrait Academy, Immersion Courses)

We are currently offering specials through:

Our best source of new clients are referrals from wonderful clients and friends like you. Our second best source is getting in front of new clients via our introductory classes. We know that taking a class can be intimidating and possibly a big money commitment.   Ally and I know, that once people meet us and our team, the next steps naturally follow.  That’s why we are making this special offer for our classes at such an incredibly low price.   It may be a treat for yourself. It may be your way to get a friend on the road to better photography.  It is our way of thanking you and having you join us and learn how fun photography education can be! 

Be sure to purchase as many vouchers as you like for the various courses offered!

Step 2: Schedule Your Course

Simply fill out the information, select your dealer, redeem your voucher code and then enter any class you wish to attend. If you have multiple vouchers, simply add them and choose a class. You can attend as many classes as you have vouchers for.

After you register, you will be given a confirmation at the bottom of this page. You will NOT receive an email confirmation so PLEASE calendar the event! 

Note: This registration form is for students who have purchased vouchers from Groupon OR Living Social. If you’d like to purchase a course from us directly please visit this page, select the class you’d like to attend and make your purchase.

  • One voucher used per course. Place your code in the above box. At class, we check you off on your usage.
  • Please click here to view available courses. Please provide both the course name and date.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.