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The experience and core ingredients of McKay Photography Academy photography tours.

McKay Photography Academy (AKA MPA) photography tours are built around four core values. These values, or ingredients as we call them, are set to create an experience unlike any other in the industry. Our goal here at MPA is to not only provide you with awesome photographic opportunities and instruction, but to also create moments that are beyond this and that you will value the rest of your entire life. We invite you to join us on trips of a lifetime to experience Photography, Travel, Friendship and Adventure!

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The MPA tour ingredients!


The MPA experience is first and foremost about photography. The idea to be around like minded photographic enthusiast, learn new skills and enhance the knowledge you already have is at the core of all MPA photography tours. David and Ally McKay are personally a part of each tour along with their team of highly skilled professionals. Each instructor is a working professional and yet has the ability to teach at all levels with patience and encouragement making sure no one is intimidated. With MPA, all levels of photographers are encouraged and welcome! Whether you are a new beginning photographer, or have years of experience, you will have access to some of the most talented image makers in the world today working on creating images of your tour with an industry exclusive 5 client to 1 instructor ratio. In this way, you are assured to have amazing instruction in a small intimate manner as you travel throughout the tour.

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Learning to photograph and capture images in some of the most incredible travel destinations in the world is another core ingredient to any MPA photographic tour. Taking place domestically and internationally, MPA photography tours are built to give you not only an incredible photographic opportunity, but an incredible travel opportunity. Photographing your travel experience is such an awesome way to see and learn culture and other lands. Although every MPA tour is based around photography at its core, travel should be much more than just photography based. MPA tours are set to allow you awesome times of shooting and learning, but also times to relax, take in the culture, enjoy good food and wine and the experience of the location you are visiting. After all, your “experience” should feed your photography. In order to feel something about what you are photographing, experiencing it and taking it in is a key component. We truly believe that you must experience travel and all it has to offer in order to photograph it to the fullest. In order to do this, we will not be photographing from sunrise to sunset every day, all day. Each day will have various opportunities we feel are photographically best, and you will have the flexibility to go along or stay and relax as you feel the need. There will also be scheduled “free times” and days to just sit, relax and enjoy the local area we may be in.


Imagine enjoying your travels and photographing with a group of people all interested in the same thing! No more hearing from your travel mates “can you hurry up please and take your picture” as you are hoping to capture that special image you are setting up. Joining an MPA photographic tour will allow you the opportunity to meet others interested in photography and travel and to create lasting friendships to last a lifetime. Many people from all walks of life including couples, singles, and younger to older generations enjoy MPA photography tours. You are sure to meet people on this journey and make new friendships forged by the camaraderie of such an experience. MPA has seen MANY people return again and again to our tours and come back with a friend they have met on a previous tour. With this, never feel you will be alone. From the moment you arrive, you will be in good company, with good people and great friendships to be made!


Life should be full of adventure! Let’s face it, sometimes people spend their entire life talking about all their plans and what they will do but never do it. The challenge, to actually get up, make a plan and go for it! Adventure comes in all forms. MPA works hard to give you experiences in photography but filled with adventure on each and every tour. It may mean an opportunity to visit locations very few ever see such as remote islands in Greece. Maybe it’s to go on an African Wildlife Safari and watch baby cheetahs being protected by their mother, or to see the grander of Yosemite for the first time. Life truly is but a glimpse of time. Be sure to live it and have adventure!


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New! Wallet-less/Premium Travel Tours

We are now offering, on select tours, the opportunity to join us in all inclusive*, premium travel experiences.  This allows you to not have to worry about a thing and just enjoy the entire experience. To be “wallet-less” so to speak.  These trips feature smaller groups limited from 12-14, an AMAZING 3-1 Client/Instructor ratio, premium accommodations, all meals, gratuities, and more!  Yes you will pay a premium price, however, you will have a premium unmatched experience, worry-free, and a photographic tour like no other available anywhere.  With such personalized instruction, you will feel like you always have someone at your side.  Click here to learn more!


Other exciting updates!

  • New Photography workshop AND editing retreat combo tours! Yes..we are going to be incorporating Lightroom and Photoshop one and two day “retreats” during many tours so that you learn editing along the way! Sit back, have a glass of wine…and learn and edit from your photography of that tour with our guidance!
  • New top quality photography tours and locations with zero interest payment plans! 
  • 5-1 Client/Instructor ratio on most other tours with a TEAM of dedicated pros with YEARS of experience!
  • The VERY best award winning, experienced, and photographically knowledgeable TEAM on the planet working personally with you with a combined total of over 80 years of photographic experience!
  • New photograph “America the Beautiful” tours(Locations all around the US)
  • An abundance of 2 and 3 day tours as well as longer extended tours for every budget.  
  • ALL levels of photographers welcome. We believe in a no intimidation feeling tour!
  • More instructors, means more learning and more diversity in the teaching style yet consistent results!
  • Partnerships with the best photography vendors in the world. Helping YOU to get the gear you need, the quality service YOU deserve, and the EXCLUSIVE discounts associated with being an MPA client!
  • The classroom brought to you. Coming soon will be webinars hosted by David , Ally and Photorec Toby where you can interact from anywhere in the world with us as we teach.
What can we say but that we truly believe we have the VERY BEST photographic tour team and resources available in the world. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to not just meet your expectations, but to literally blow them away. We are taking Photography-Travel-Friendship and Adventure to a new level!
-David & Ally McKay


These trips are VERY limited in availability and typically sell out quickly.   Instructor/Client ratio is kept at a 5- 1 ratio, with hands on instruction for beginners through advanced. No need to be intimidated with your abilities. If you are just beginning or a seasoned veteran photographer, we take time with EACH client to ensure they are growing and learning! We are confident that if you want to learn in a “hands on” environment, there is no better way than on our Photographic Safaris held all over the world. Prices vary for each trip. Read our policies to see what is and isn’t included in a tour, and what our refund policy is.

Please email David and Ally for specific questions you may have.


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