Workshop, Tour & Class Cancellations – Because we rely on student attendance in order to schedule instructors, book essential travel arrangements, acquire permits and arrange accommodations, we MUST adhere to the following policies for all attendees. Please note that there are NO EXCEPTIONS. If for any reason you need to withdraw from a workshop, please notify McKay Photography Academy immediately. No refund is available for withdrawal, no matter the reason. We are happy to help find someone to cover your space if we can.  McKay Photography Academy is not responsible for cancellations due to medical emergencies. McKay Photography Academy is not responsible for cancellations or trip date changes due to any event outside of our control such as labor disturbances, shutdowns, etc. If that was to happen, a trip would be rescheduled and you would not have to pay again. However, travel arrangements are at your own expense.

MPA reserves the right to reschedule any tour necessary due to any unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to Local, State, or any international agency or governing body, that have shut down or imposed any travel bans, or due to any safety issues we feel would place you or our group in danger. Refunds will not be given should this need occur; however, we will work with each client individually to help reschedule and full credit and no change fees will be applied.

In the unlikely event that a class or workshop is canceled and not rescheduled by McKay Photography Academy, all fees may be refunded in full or may be transferred to another workshop that is scheduled within 12 months of cancellation. In the event of a class or workshop cancellation, McKay Photography Academy is not responsible for reimbursement of any travel, lodging, equipment rental, or any other related expenses. We recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover any non-refundable registration fees, travel, lodging, equipment rental, or any other related expenses. We recommend contacting Brandon Hughbanks for your travel insurance needsWe cannot offer legal advice on travel insurance. This is only a recommendation of a company we have used and like and feel takes care of our clients well.

Covid-19 Policies 

As a company, we need to continue to address the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and our policies. As of November 2021, we are updating these policies.

We also have had numerous inquiries regarding what our policies are, what they may look like in the future, and how we are going about continuing to do what we do as a business. 

We realize that we have a deeply divided nation, and we will not be debating our policies.  As a small business, and family, like many others as well, have been hit hard, to say the least during the last year and a half. Each day brings new and difficult challenges we must continue to overcome. Personally, this has been one of, if not the greatest challenge as a company we have ever experienced. 

At this time, we are not mandating that our clients be vaccinated for domestic United States-based tours or any local classes. At some point, this MAY change, based on future situations, data, laws, and more. For now, we ask those that are vaccinated on each tour to show proof they have been. For those that are not, that they show they are recovered from Covid-19 from a medical source. If neither of those is the case, we require that unvaccinated individuals’ tests within 48 hours of being on the tour. 

For local classes, this will be on an honor system. 

Tests are now available very easily over the counter, a rapid antigen test that can be done with results within 15 minutes are readily available. 

Moving forward, ALL international tours will require that every client is vaccinated. The world and travel industry are at a place now that it is incredibly difficult to travel unless you are vaccinated. We cannot be responsible to handle and do the extra work with the issues that come up if a client is not.  

Please note, that we also work with various businesses and partners, other countries, and many situations even within various States and Counties. We cannot be responsible if as an example, a country mandates the vaccine to enter, and you are not vaccinated. This is not our responsibility, and that responsibility is yours to understand and comply with. 

We realize there is no perfect solution, and we are doing our best and will continue to do so and we will make decisions the best we feel we can as we continue to go through this. We also realize that at this time, regardless of whether you are at home, or on a photography tour, you can be exposed. Just going to the store or a restaurant is an example of exposure. We feel that at least in our bubble group, we know that folks are vaccinated or have tested negative. 

Our strong opinion is that vaccination works and although you can still have a breakthrough case, those that are getting Covid now that are NOT vaccinated, are the overwhelming majority of those in hospitals and ill. We have seen this first-hand with our own friends and family!  We have many friends that are in the medical field, and this is what they are seeing as well. 

Many of you have sent us the most amazing notes of love and support throughout this season. We are so thankful for our clients and value you all. We hope this letter finds you well and with understanding, we are doing the best we know-how with this tough situation. Stay safe and well! Together, we will continue to get through this! 


David, Ally, and the MPA team


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