The Quest- True Alaska Adventure

Feb 3rd – 11th, 2023

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Eight nights of Aurora Chasing

The Arctic Tundra 

The Yukon Quest – Dog Race

A new adventure. A new experience. A new opportunity for Aurora.

A new QUEST! 

Feb 3rd – 11th, 2022

Due to the nature of this tour, you must be able to drive long distances each day. 

Quest: a journey made in search of something. : a long and difficult effort to find or do something.

For those that have been with us to Alaska, you understand how special of a place it is. There is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world. Now, we are working with Frank and Miriam at Aurora Bear to bring something totally unique. Something that very few will ever get an opportunity to do. Something that will truly be a quest for all that go. 

This photography tour is unlike any other tours we do. It takes a lot more than just flying in and getting on a bus to do. Pre-planning, safety, flexibility, and an adventurous spirit are a must.

A willingness to “chase” the areas where the Northern Lights may be based on weather and cloud cover. A willingness to follow along with one of the greatest dog sled team races in the world. A willingness to adventure to the Arctic Circle and Alaskan Wild Tundra. A willingness…to go on a Quest! 

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Registration Type

Photographer – Pay in Full, Photographer – Payment Plan



  • Dates: Feb 3rd – 11th, 2023
  • Price $4395 (Early Bird Pay in Full $3995)  
  • About price- This tour takes an extreme amount of time and effort along with specialty rental vehicles, gear, insurance, etc. in order to be safe and do this correctly. This is the best possible price we could make it happen for.

Included in tour dates:

  • Extremely SMALL Group
  • 3 Instructors
  • Transportation each day to shooting locations and following the Yukon Quest ( 2 days) including all mileage.
  • Specialized 4×4’s 
  • 4×4 Lead Vehicle – Aurora Bear
  • All safety gear and necessities.
  • Snacks/ Waters/ Etc
  • Dog Mushing INCLUDED!
  • Photography-Travel-Friendship-Adventure! The McKay Motto!

NOT included:

  • Transportation to/from Fairbanks International Airport
  • Accommodations
    • Negotiated lower rate available at the group hotel Springhill Suites
  • Personal Expenses such as meals, drinks, laundry, souvenirs, etc.
  • Trip Insurance (Highly Recommend)
  • Gratuities – (MPA team outside of David and Ally)

Our heart’s desire is for everyone to have an experience of a lifetime that you cannot get with anyone else. We work incredibly hard to make sure you are well taken care of, instructed, and enjoy an amazing adventure. That is why our clients return again, and again!


Aurora – Yukon Quest 2/3/2022 – 2/11/2022

2/3 Meeting with McKay – Guides for planning, operating cars, and equipment, Trail etiquette, planning, how to photograph dog teams, Aurora settings.

2/4 – Quest and Aurora Chasing

2/5 – Quest and Aurora Chasing

2/6- Morning Off Rest Break- Editing, presentation Dalton HWY/Arctic Circle, Aurora Chasing

2/7 – Arctic Circle tour with Aurora Chase

2/8 – Dog Mushing, Evening at Aurora Bear ( Easier Day)

2/9 – Quest and Aurora Chasing

2/10 – Quest and Aurora Chasing

2/11 – Depart (Do not plan any flights earlier than 6am)

This tour includes EIGHT nights of Aurora possibilities AND chasing. We will remain flexible to do what we need and change plans as we decide what is best.

*Please note that most of these days and evenings are extremely long. We will be traveling hundreds of miles on this Quest to vast areas rarely touched. However, we will have two very nice vehicles specially equipped for Tundra Travel.  Aurora Bear will be leading with their 4×4 truck filled with safety gear, and all necessities for Arctic travel and situations. This includes all safety items needed for any emergency including a Satellite phone. You will be in good hands but this is an adventure and a Quest!



Q. Can you guarantee the Northern Lights will be out?
A. As the lights are a totally natural occurrence, it is impossible to guarantee they will be seen. However, the reason we work in the location we do is that there is an 80% or higher chance you will see the lights if you are in this area 3 days. 

With this tour being 89 nights AND the fact that we are able to follow weather and cloud cover openings, we will be able to “chase” areas we feel have the best opportunity for light shows! 

This gives excellent odds and you are given the best possible opportunity to do so!

Q. Is Alaska a good place for this? 
A. YES!  Again, this area is considered one of the top areas in the world for the lights! 

Q. Why December? Isn’t it cold? 
A. December in Alaska IS COLD!  However, because of the dark skies, and the drier climate, again the opportunities are far better for a great showing.

Q. Will I freeze?
A. This is a big deal and honest question as it can be so cold. The truth is, if you are prepared and dress correctly, you will be just fine. We send you a list of how to prepare and what you will want as necessities for clothing and also for taking care of your camera gear.

Also, as we wait for the Lights to come, we are snuggled inside a beautiful warm home set up as a classroom to learn how to photograph and prepare for our sessions! 

Q. What is the home I see in the picture above?
A. This is an AWESOME location our friends Frank and Miriam Stelges built SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of Northern Lights viewing and photography! We all get to hang out INSIDE with warm coffee and hot cocoa while waiting for the light show! When the lights come out, we simply walk out the door and shoot! At any time you can go back and forth and keep warm. We simply have found this to be the BEST for our clients!

Q. What is the northern lights do not show? 
A. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee them as we said. However, we really get good results this time of year.  IF the lights do not show, you are welcome to always go back with us at a significant discount on another tour. No one else offers anything like this!

Also, we offer alternative shooting during the times the lights are not out. This includes possibilities for dog mushing, nighttime light painting photography, star trails and stations we set up for learning!

Q. Where do I fly into? 
A. For this tour, you fly in and out of Fairbanks, AK. You can take a shuttle for free to the hotel.

Q. How do we get around?
A. For each session, we will be in our own specialized rented 4×4 vehicles AND safety gear as we will be in remote locations on this tour. 

Q. I’m truly a beginner, a bit nervous and unsure, is that ok? 
A. YES! We work directly with all of our clients at all levels. Because of our client to instructor ratio, you will get plenty of instruction in a fun, non-intimidating way!  You will find the MPA team as well as our clients, friendly AND fun and always willing to help! This is part of the reason our clients return again and again!

Q. What if I want to stay longer or arrange other items such as the Alaskan Railroad and/or other activities!
A. We can help you with what to do and the best way to do this. We have tour operations we recommend in AK that can take care of any needs you want.

Also, you are welcome to book any extra night on your own for Aurora Photography with Frank and Miriam and we can assist with that if you want to increase your chances even more!

We decided to really focus 3 nights for Aurora shooting at the best possible time of year for the best possible opportunities!

Refund Policies


  • David McKay
  • Frank Stelges (Aurora Bear)
  • Toby Gelston

Instructors are scheduled, however, they are subject to change as needed.

Tour Pack

Please download the Tour Packet from the link below when it becomes available. .  Much of the information contained in this packet is also available under the Tour Prep page here on the website.

However, this packet will also include some gear specifics for this tour.  Please note that specific flight information, arrival and departure times, accommodations, and other logistical information may not be in this packet. Those items will be emailed to you at various times in the planning process of each tour. 

Quest Alaska Aurora 2023


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