1. We hold our core ingredients Photography, Travel, Friendship, Adventure first and foremost in all we do. Understanding that all are of equal important components and importance to the way we do business and to what we desire our clients to experience. 
2. We do what we do because we enjoy it, are passionate about it, and want our clients as well as ourselves to have an incredible experience with every tour. We will place our client’s photographic needs first and foremost on every tour. 
3. We will be giving and generous in who we are and what we do with each other, with our clients, and our travel partners. We will always give it everything we have! 
4. We recognize we cannot make everyone “happy”. We will work hard to see that every client has an incredible experience, but we also understand that it is impossible that everyone will always be happy.  We understand everyone is unique and we may or may not be the best fit for some. With that, we will always strive to be the best at what we do for all clients! 
5. We will be true to ourselves, with each other, and our clients. We will strive to be authentic and honest in our words and deeds. This will allow us to continue to be passionate about what we do and give us the ability to give 100% of who we are individually and as a team, to each other and our clients without holding back for fear of saying or doing the “wrong” thing. 
6. We will speak up about what we feel and think. This includes even if it means a client may disagree because we value integrity each other, our clients, the planet, and our overall client experience more than anything. 
7. We value truth, equality, and justice for all people of all backgrounds and belief systems. 
8. We value the world in which we live and the environment. We recognize how we are a part of it as well as how we can help be a voice of change. 
9. We will not be silent when we hear or see someone treating us, others, or the world that we live in, with disrespect. 
10. We are a team! We will always work together to help educate each person on a photography tour to the best of our abilities. As instructors, we are each unique and carry various abilities and tools within our education “toolbox”.  We cannot, nor should we be expected to have every answer. However, we will do all we can to find the answer for our clients and seek help from each other in doing so.