MPA: Why do you love photography?

A successful image tells a story; it captures an adventure, a moment, a place, a smile or could be a yawn. It allows me to bring family and friends with me on our adventures. It requires a balance of technical knowledge, an artistic eye, along with a dash (or more) of luck. These elements all combine in differing amounts with every image I take. The more I learn the more I realize the more there is to learn grow; its a journey in itself. 


MPA: Your favorite thing about MPA?

There are 2 aspects of MPA which hooked me from day 1 and keep me returning for more. First, the people. I can learn from amazing instructors, now mentors, and even friends. I can enjoy a scene and try to see it from another’s perspective. I can solicit critique in real time and adjust on the fly. Second, MPA provides an opportunity to remove all of the distractions and let me focus on photography. Life is busy. A career consumes the majority of my time. Weekends are for getting all of the other stuff done I couldn’t accomplish during the week.  MPA tours provide a respite; its a long weekend or extended expedition where all of the time sucks of normal life are removed and I can focus 100% on my photography


MPA: Your favorite trip or course with MPA?

I just returned from Antarctica which has to be my favorite adventure. Ever. Every element in a scene would be amazing on its own, all together they blew me away. The landscape was immense, tall, and showcased more shades of blue than I ever imagined existed. The wildlife was constant and numerous; I hate to say that a whale sighting became mundane. The boat and the people added another level of amazing which I do not have the artistic ability to describe. Best. Trip. Ever. I still get goosebumps while describing the landscape or regaling listeners with our zodiac adventures.

I also have to add my first trip, Oregon Waterfalls, to this list; I knew after meeting the people that I was hooked and must start allocating vacation to these trips. 


MPA: Your aspirations as a photographer/artist?

I love bringing stories home from my adventures to share with family and friends. My deep dive into photography began after bringing home disappointing pictures from travels to tropical locales; none of my pictures looked (as awesome) as I remembered the scene. I wanted to do more. I wanted to take my viewers breath away as the scene took away mine. I wanted to bring the aquamarine blue from the alpine lake home as many would never reach it on their own. I wanted to bring the penguin waddles back as I knew we couldn’t smuggle a penguin home. My 2019 New Year’s resolution is to have enough images I’m proud of to create a 2020 calendar! 


MPA: Where do you look forward to traveling next?

We’re already booked for the 2020 Arctic trip which has to make the top of the list. I’m also excited for the South West and Yellowstone in winter tours in the next few months. I really want a black and white image of a herd of buffalo and condensation from their breath, there might be a river and a tree in there too ? Africa and Iceland are on our short list too! 


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