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By David McKay

Photography Demystified: Your Guide to Gaining Creative Control and Taking Amazing Photographs

Are you stuck on the auto mode on your camera? Frustrated by the fact that you know you own a great camera but are unable to use it to capture the photographs you’ve always wanted and that you “see” in your mind but can’t get the camera to take? Did you purchase a new camera or receive one as a gift, excited about the wonderful possibilities of creating amazing photographs, only to open the camera manual and find yourself overwhelmed at all the technical information in front of you, thinking there is no way I can do this?

In this book, I am going to get you out of “auto” mode and on your way to creating the incredible photographs you’ve always dreamed of! This book will take you from automatic to full manual settings in a new and easy to implement way, giving you the control you need to capture images the way you desire.

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Photography Demystified: Your Guide to Exploring Light and Creative Ideas, Taking You to the Next Level

This book builds upon the knowledge gained from my first book in the series. After reading the first volume, you are now ready to take all of that knowledge, get out there, and take even more amazing photographs than you ever dreamed. The problem—what to photograph, what specifics to consider for that situation, and when and how to do so?

Specific situations, such as times of day, specific light, gear choice, nightscapes, street scenes, people, landscapes, and more, all have certain intricacies, limitations, and issues that need to be considered when approached. Now that you have learned all about exposure, lenses, histograms, and more, in my first volume, this book is the next step in the process of Photography Demystified!

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Photography Demystified: Your Guide to the World of Travel Photography—How to Explore, See, and Photograph the World

This is a book written for those that love to travel, explore, adventure, and photography. Many photographers wanting to embark on a photographic adventure are not sure where exactly to begin. Often they find themselves asking not only photography technique questions but also seeking practical advice—How should I pack my gear? What’s the best way to take my cameras and equipment on an airplane safely? What about getting through security in a foreign country, how does that work? And other questions related to traveling and carrying photography equipment.

This book will help you and your gear get to your destinations practically and safely. I present what I have learned through years of travel and leading photographic tours. Additionally, the travel photographer will receive specific insight into creating photographs of their travels that are both stunning and captivating, in terms of the stories they tell.

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Photography Demystified – For Kids!: A Kids Guide and Parents Resource for Fun and Learning Photography Together!

This book is specifically designed for parents to read and follow with their children to create a fun-filled bond and hobby within the family. Many of the projects can be done even with the simplest of cameras, including those in smartphones.

Most photography books are not appropriate for children because they concentrate on technical information to such an extent that children’s “joy” and “wonder” of depicting the world through photographs get lost in all the “photo jargon” of shutter speeds and F-stops. So, that’s not what you’ll find in this book.

My philosophy is that children need the freedom to be able to “see” and “share” how they see, and their wonder of it all should be acknowledged in a safe and non-critical way, first and foremost.

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Photography Demystified – Volumes 1-3 Box Set

“If you are looking to take your photography to the next level, you should definitely consider purchasing the Photography Demystified Box Set: Volumes 1 – 3. This box set is a comprehensive collection of well-written, detailed, and easy to understand photography books designed to help you learn to gain creative control of your camera using the manual settings so that you can take advantage of light, creativity, and the world around you to confidently capture and convey amazing images. David McKay is an amazing photographer in his own right, and he leads photography classes and tours all over the world. I have participated in one of his classes and witnessed first hand his passion for photography and enthusiasm for teaching it to others. There is something to be learned in this collection of books for all levels of photography students from someone just taking their new camera out of the box to someone with advanced skills. I highly recommend you purchase the Photography Demystified Box Set, you won’t regret it!” – Scott P

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