In our experience leading trips, we have seen a lot of things come up, and in many cases, LAST MINUTE. For this reason, it is HIGHLY recommended to have trip insurance. Remember, airfare, hotels, tours, as well as our policies are non-refundable. Trip insurance can help in the event of any unforeseen LEGITIMATE issue.

Protect yourself~protect your investment.

You would never imagine that you won’t be taking the wonderful trip you are planning!”Life happens! There are so many things that can change before your travel dates that might prevent you from traveling. There are also events that can change your plans while you are traveling that might require you to alter your trip, return home early or be delayed due to accident or illness. Lost luggage, lost documents or lost belongs can also hamper your well made plans!

We are NOT an insurance provider and we can simply refer you to someone that can help you obtain coverage. There are several trip insurance carriers and it can be confusing to know where to get the best coverage and rates. For this reason, we have recently started working with Brandon Hughbanks of Travel Insurance Center. Brandon represents most of the top travel insurance carriers and can help you get the best rate for the options you need based on where you live as well.

We LOVE our tours and we LOVE what we do. In order for them to be the very best available anywhere, we must clarify once again, McKay Photography Academy polices. In an effort to make sure that as a photography tour participant, our policies are understood with-out question.

Due to an influx of people contacting us asking us for help, understanding, refunds, credit and more when something unexpected happens and they are unable to attend, we need to address this once again. This is written notice that if for ANY REASON you are unable to attend, that we are unable to refund or credit your trip. We are being very clear as stated in our policies, contracts, web sites, emails and conversations that trip insurance IS your security for the unexpected. We are not, and cannot be responsible to do much when a choice is made by someone to not obtain insurance especially considering the amount of time we spend informing people to obtain it.

EVERY trip there is a situation”and we cannot stress enough, PLEASE get insurance.”We cannot require it of you, you have to make the effort to obtain.” If something happens and you are unable to attend for a variety of possible covered reasons, proper trip insurance will help you. ALSO, IF YOU WERE TO GET HURT ABROAD,”YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE WITHOUT IT! Of course we would never want or expect something like that to happen,”but it is best to be covered and prepared!

Any specific questions about insurance coverage, provisions, claims, etc “MUST be answered by your chosen provider as McKay Photography is unable to do more than give you the facts of our
policies and that we highly recommend trip insurance.

Travel Insurance Center

Contact Brandon directly at:
Toll Free: 1-866-979-6753 Ext. 3636  Direct: 402-343-3636